Self realization does not mean changing, coercing, and manipulating the mind and body to look a certain way. It does not mean the absence of human nature including the spectrum of thought and emotion. Rather, it is the end of the obsession with the human condition and the experiences it offers. Pain happens as well as pleasure. When the mind is no longer caught in desiring certain experiences and expending all its energy in preserving and rejecting them, it naturally becomes still. It is in this stillness that one is made ripe for the flowering of awakening.

-Atreya Thomas

Exclusive Devotion to the Source of All, is the Secret

If you fall in love with the very source of creation you inadvertently fall in love with all its expressions. Then you don’t have to try and love the diversities of life, your husband and wife, your job, anxieties, feelings and fears etc; which you will find is impossible anyway. Rather, your love for the inner self in all things allows for one to bypass all the details of form. Then life is experienced as only love interacting with love, while deeply accepting the fluctuations of our humanity.

-Atreya Thomas

Your Personal God

Your direct experience of grace or unconditional awareness in your life is your personal God. Not the God in a book, or in a concept, but the experiential explosion of love within, that we catch a glimpse of when we loosen our grip on the desire to control and manipulate our life. To worship That is to worship our own heart; so the two become one.

-Atreya Thomas


“How do I know if a teaching is authentic?”

Does the teaching meet you where you are? Does it come right out in the middle of the water and nearly drown to be with you, revealing its own vulnerability? Or does it yell from the other shore saying “this way, look at me, there’s no problems over here. All is good,” looking all sedated while you are gasping for air. If the teaching is truly from the other shore it knows how to navigate the waters, and will step back out risking life and limb.

-Atreya Thomas


Special Event With Atreya Thomas


You are invited to attend this intimate dialogue with Atreya Thomas that will cover the entire spectrum of awakening. From transcendence and its practices, to embodiment and what that looks like in our ordinary life. There will be an opportunity to ask the hard questions and discover together what it means to be a complete human being.

Address: The Temple Of Clarity
1541 Roma Dr, Vista, CA 92081

Please arrive a few minutes before hand to get settled.

Donation: Free or as much as you would like to donate. All proceeds will go to benefit Foster care and Adoptive families.

Event Coordinator: Dennis Fisher

We Are Not Deficient

One thing I have learned about the spiritual scene as I come into it over the past year, is that transparency as a human being is extremely rare among even the most prominent teachers; and I have met a few. There is a disconnect, claims that are filled with hyperbole, and a guarded mentality to hide one’s humanity behind the facade of spiritual greatness and subtle competitive arrogance. As you navigate this path of spiritual teachings, ask yourself does this teacher provide a healthy admixture of the relative when speaking of the “beyond?” Do they show the intimate relationship between our humanity and spiritual truth and seek to bridge that gap? Or do they make you feel deficient, wrong for who you are, incomplete, and a work in progress that you never seem to reach? The highest spirituality will be experienced through our humanity and nowhere else. So never forget to celebrate that and find it in the “little things.” By actually embodying our humanity fully with all its so called deficiencies, we are offering it to Grace. This makes a complete human being; not our effort to rearrange our self, but ironically the ability to accept our self.

-Atreya Thomas

Why should I awaken?

“What is the point of awakening if we are just going to return to our bodies with the same old problems and ordinary life?”

Perhaps for many, the idea of awakening has always been a subtle desire to escape from the human condition with all its mental and physical discomforts, uncertainties, boredom, ordinariness, and lack of fulfillment and sense of purpose. But can a problem really be understood from a distance, or must we come in direct intimate contact with it in order to understand its nature? There are problems in our humanity and no sensitive person would deny that. Awakening is an awakening to the inherent balancing principle that resides in the human heart. It is this grace alone that is capable of solving all our problems. Therefore, seek That to the exclusion of all other things to obtain the master key.

-Atreya Thomas

Devotional Love is All That Matters

As awakening deepens and we begin to come back to the front of our body after transcendence, life becomes ordinary again and our personality comes to greet us. At that point, you may see all your old problems, traumas etc; but we also see the Source shining within all things. Perhaps fears come back, anxieties, and old predispositions. This is only right because that’s part of our unique human experience. Don’t waste time and energy trying to deconstruct these things or hide them, but embody these attributes fully and offer all of it to your personal transcendental discovery in loving devotion; then watch Grace do the rest.

-Atreya Thomas

Reflect Duality by Staying Fixed in Non-dual Awareness

God can be understood through two modes: Dual and non-dual. The former is the concrete aspect of God which manifests as the opposites and is perceived through the senses as this and that. The latter is Abstract Intelligence which is free from objectivity and is experienced as concept free consciousness. These two are not mutually exclusive, but are like the mirror and its images. They are inseparable, yet awareness reflects whole universes and remains eternally unblemished while holding in its ether the entire spectrum of humanity.

-Atreya Thomas (with Jonah)

me and jonah

“You said that you had anger issues in one of your videos. What did you do to help that; what advice can you give me please?”

The cure for anger is the Grace of the Divine Mother. Make a list of the women in your life and begin to foster these relationships and take a “mental knee” before them. Recapitulate your relationships and reach out and apologize even if it was many years ago. Daughters, mothers, grandmothers, and friends; look to them with great humility and respect. Perhaps, Her Majesty will descend upon you and that quality will start to become you.

-Atreya Thomas

After a Series of Awakenings….

After a series of intense awakening experiences, I returned to the inner city I grew up in (specifically the alternative school I went to as a kid that I was thrown out of 15 years earlier) to speak in front of the children there; which was more like a day prison than a school. At the end I hugged them and a few cried, and the teachers panicked saying “do you know these kids do you know these kids, You must know them. Why are they crying! What did you do?“ Those kids were considered the worst of the worst. I said “they know love,” and I winked at this scrawny little white kid who reminded me so much of me when I was a student there; and he gave me the most beautiful smile. I knew in that moment that my hard childhood was not a mistake; even if it was all for this one encounter.

-Atreya Thomas

“You speak of unconditional joy. Where is the joy when you find out your child is dead, or you have cancer?”

Joy does not mean pain-free. Nor does it mean the absence of intense sorrow. Joy is not a feeling that replaces other feelings. Joy Is the residual reality that is always present once one has actually seen the face of God. The experience is so overwhelming and impressive that it never leaves you regardless of mental and physical circumstances. Therefore, seek God with every shred of your being first and foremost. How? By going about your business and letting your outer life go on, while crying out to Grace internally every moment of every day.

-Atreya Thomas

True Spiritual Freedom

Perhaps freedom in the end isn’t freedom “from” but freedom “to be” a complete human being. In other words, freedom to experience the entire spectrum of humanity while remaining rooted and plugged-in to the Grace discovered through our intense seeking. Therefore, seek first the Final Cause of All by prostrating yourself at the foot of the Nonverbal Lord. Then come back into your life and rest as a servant in That and as That.

-Atreya Thomas

Stop Having a Relationship With Your Trauma

Do not impose your human experience on your relationship with divinity. In other words, we experience trauma, mistrust, people deceive us as children and adults etc because our humanity is not perfect. So we naturally learn to become guarded; perhaps rightfully so. The problem is we impose those experiences on our relationship with the Universe which is perfect. So our faith, trust, and surrender to the one thing that will never deceive us becomes jeopardized. Today we stop this my friends.

-Atreya Thomas

The Earth is Filled With it’s Glory

Where can you go where consciousness is not? Even if one claimed such a place exists, there would have to be consciousness to witness non-consciousness. This consciousness is the Holy Source and genesis for all that exists. Therefore, fall into an exclusive relationship with That because It can never leave you as it is present in all things, times and places. Form a devotion, a love so sacred, so secret and close to your heart; that It becomes You.

~~Atreya Thomas~~


There will always be things in life that are hard to understand why they happen. We may never know “why” nor may it even be possible to ever fathom. Nevertheless, it is possible to know the Final Cause of all things, whose nature is perfection and its sovereignty; infinite space. The greatest error in thinking is to use what happens in our humanity with all its pains and pleasures, as a means to measure the sovereignty and trustworthiness of love. It is not people and things we should trust as we will always be let down, but rather the essential love within all things which by default includes all.

This is why we must seek the cause of all things first and foremost so that we can live as a human being with all its uncertainties, limitations, pains and lightning fast changes; while rooted in the ether of things where doubt cannot penetrate. Until then, we will always seek reassurance and put our trust in a perceived authority whether spiritual or otherwise, while constantly looking for validation from them; trusting them and then not trusting them because they too have imperfect human qualities and the mind naturally sifts for doubts.

Friends, the only difference between the self-realized and un-realized is that the former realizes they can unequivocally trust the sovereignty of love that clears all doubts forever; and cannot be moved by one’s own thoughts, circumstances, body sensations, judgments, or the acts of others. You have already felt it now trust it in spite of mind/body conditions. You must make this choice to trust.

-Atreya Thomas

Intense Devotion

Intense devotion does not mean intense about forcing oneself into awakening or beating down the ego relentlessly. Rather, it is an unwavering commitment to nurture and help the Self blossom using the tools of humility, patience, surrender, faith and compassion. Accompanied with a rock solid perseverance to endure the many trials and pains of transformation, while energized by a laser like intention to serve the Supreme Presence in All.
~~Atreya Thomas~~

Atreya Thomas: Awakening into a Complete Human Being

“Atreya shares with us a very practical guide for awakening in ordinary life. His language and examples are down-to-earth and draw upon his own life experience. He gives us both a clear map and step-by-step practices that are easily accessible and extremely helpful. This book will educate, inspire, and delight you.”
~ Loch Kelly, author of Shift Into Freedom: The Science and Practice of Open-Hearted Awareness

Authentic Love

The beginning of freedom starts with the revelation that we are not responsible for the quality of our thoughts. Whether they are extraordinary or absolutely hideous; thoughts in and of themselves are hollow and quite devoid of any power over us. Rather, much of our internal struggles are concerned with manipulating, coercing, judging, retaining and resisting them. Let mind business be mind business and not your business. Then, all your energy will start to gather in the heart which will then dethrone the mind and replace it with authentic love.

-Atreya Thomas

“What is your proof that a Final Cause exists, bestows Grace, and should be worshiped and surrendered to?”

Action implies intelligence and there is no argument to refute that. As we watch the trees move we infer the wind moving them, though it remains unseen. All scripture from every religion refers to an intelligent principle and we know that action springs from intelligence alone. The world is then followed back to its Creator and judging from its immensity, its power must be immeasurable. This power must then be able to sustain and give life to its own creations. Therefore, worship and surrender every aspect of yourself to it to gain its favor in the form of Divine Grace.

-Atreya Thomas

Emptiness Becomes Weight

The desire and intense impulse for reassurance and validation inhibits the hearts expression. It is only in the 11th hour that Grace strikes like lightning and we are stripped of all mental security and emotional crutches. Therefore, let us surrender our secret desire to be heard, recognized and propped up by others. There, emptiness becomes weight and breaks the back of ego forever.

-Atreya Thomas

Grace becomes us in the absence of the “me”

Life is not about creating problems and then spending all our energy trying to solve them. Or we set up spiritual shop and try to solve other people’s problems, perhaps inadvertently giving them clout. Can you imagine? We do not need to imagine; this is what we do: live almost exclusively in our imagination by chasing desires, recognition, or some ideal of love and personal fulfillment. Whether that is in the name of spirituality or not. Reality is too simple, empty and indifferent for such a problematic mind. This is why love is so rare because it is only in the absence of the “me” that Grace becomes us.

-Atreya Thomas

Life is Essentially Empty

The truth is we would rather feel anxious, make problems, and seek negative attention like little children, because life in essence is empty. Or we move towards the positive and justify being the “Creator” and secretly seek recognition as a spiritual teacher in the name of “our birth right to be happy.” We create complex ideologies about union of this and that and prop ourselves up as the bearer of some special knowledge or gift to give to others; so prey on the bottom feeders of spirituality who are looking to others for answers. We cannot accept the simple fact that life is essentially empty, boring, indifferent, and devoid of meaning. So we create meaning in order to fill this aching void that presses to consume everything we hold dear.

-Atreya Thomas

Keep the Heart Filled with Infinity

The “how am I going to” is not as important as “from what space am I going to,” and space does not need to be brought in from anywhere. How empty do we keep our heart from the objects of the mind? In other words, can we allow for mind activity to remain in its own reality respectfully without touching it? Therefore, always keeping the heart free, vast and filled with infinity.

-Atreya Thomas

A Good Day to Die

The details of our life are not as important as the space that surrounds them. Can we die right now to the mental ideals, concepts, impositions, demands, and complex ideologies, that have been built up within our hearts both generationally and personally. Not as a knee jerk reaction but because we see the absolute necessity of it, therefore have the strength and intensity to call down Divine Grace and allow our self to be consumed from the head down.

-Atreya Thomas

Stay Gold

Watch closely and you will see how the mind wants to impose itself on reality by bombarding our experiences with interpretations, opinions, demands, fears, and ideals. That is natural for minds to do this, but for you my friends; stay gold. Do not let mind activity enter the heart nor let awareness be exchanged for the objects of the mind. Take out the trash immediately as it arises and do not wait; feel into life without interpretation, and practice moment to moment un-clenching your grip on the details of your life.

-Atreya Thomas

“Is our personality an illusion?”

The beauty of a rainbow is its diversity of colors, yet together they are all pure light. Likewise when pure awareness passes through the prism of humanity it creates the beauty of your unique personality. Yet, in essence it is only the One White Light. After a direct experience of this light, unity of all forms is an experiential fact; so any sense of an exclusive uniqueness that “stands alone” apart from it is an illusion, even personality. A seeker who actually has had this experience as the light, then experientialy knows themselves as the sum of the colors as well.; and so can incarnate as they see fit.

-Atreya Thomas

New Book Available by Atreya Thomas!

New Book Available on Amazon!

“Atreya shares with us a very practical guide for awakening in ordinary life. His language and examples are down-to-earth and draw upon his own life experience. He gives us both a clear map and step-by-step practices that are easily accessible and extremely helpful. This book will educate, inspire, and delight you.”
~ Loch Kelly, author of Shift Into Freedom: The Science and Practice of Open-Hearted Awareness

new cover pdf-1

Vulnerability is Enough

One of the greatest things we can do is be unconditionally kind and genuinely vulnerable to all we come in contact with in spite of our fear/resistance. I have personally seen these tiny unconditional gestures change the course of someone’s entire life. It is not the others personality we are being vulnerable to; sometimes we need to be stern with that. Rather, seeing past the thin shell of the outer details and trusting the yolk of eternity within all people and things. We then inadvertently reflect that back to them, successfully evolving our self in another.

-Atreya Thomas

Stillness is Humility

Watch what happens when life gets tough. There is an intense impulse to coerce, manipulate and bend the will of Life by force. Fight this impulse and instead use the power of silence, which acts with the entire weight of the universe to bring balance to any situation.

-Atreya Thomas