The Truth of what you Are

Life is like a vast garden with innumerable fruits, flowers and forms. We spend our whole lives searching in this place for the ultimate or most comfortable experience. The spiritual seeker looks for the one fruit that will unite them all, some look for a particular flower that never dies; while others find something pleasing and proceed to fiercely protect it.

There are some who have broken off into groups and have claimed a certain part of the garden, while excluding others and beating back any intrusion. They yell from afar “join us; or keep walking.”

Surely one can spend lifetimes searching, fighting to protect a corner in this place, etc. What do all these forms, people and everything in this vast garden have in common?

It is the one ground from which all these things spring and die back into it. This is the Final Cause or One which is undeniably the source of all things including the seeker.

The discovery of this Sacred Ground, is to discover oneself as It. Therefore, one knows their self as all things simultaneously from the most horrendous to the most sublime-yet are none of it exclusively for this reason.

When the Conceptual-Self dies into this ground, the seeking is over but that is just the beginning. Awareness then deepens the experience of being all things simultaneously. An intense love relationship begins with oneself as you meet yourself in all things, people and places.

The seeking ends, but the love for learning about one self in the infinite expressions of form begins.


7 thoughts on “The Truth of what you Are

  1. “The seeking ends, but the love for learning about one self in the infinite expressions of form begins.”

    Wow! I absolutely love this line!!!
    The whole garden analogy is stunning, but this… this I will remember! Thank you… 🙂

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