Life is Essentially Empty

The truth is we would rather feel anxious, make problems, and seek negative attention like little children, because life in essence is empty. Or we move towards the positive and justify being the “Creator” and secretly seek recognition as a spiritual teacher in the name of “our birth right to be happy.” We create complex ideologies about union of this and that and prop ourselves up as the bearer of some special knowledge or gift to give to others; so prey on the bottom feeders of spirituality who are looking to others for answers. We cannot accept the simple fact that life is essentially empty, boring, indifferent, and devoid of meaning. So we create meaning in order to fill this aching void that presses to consume everything we hold dear.

-Atreya Thomas


7 thoughts on “Life is Essentially Empty

  1. I can’t help but agree with you here. We want to get on a fast running, adrenaline pumping train. Something that gives everything meaning. An the strange reality is that even the train itself is the creation of our minds. A means to get involved with life. Cause life itself is quite empty.


  2. Hi Atreya….Life is what we make it….regardless…..THAT is why we have freedom of choice….we choose….every single day….and it CAN be boring….or not…..OR….we could just be okay with just BEING….Our choice. Hugs and blessings, Barbara xxxxx


  3. I agree with your statement, “life is essentially empty”
    Life is empty, or full of nothingness that seems to be something without Christ who is Life to the FULLNESS of God! abundant LIFE! eternal LIFE now and is to come from glory to glory!


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