After a Series of Awakenings….

After a series of intense awakening experiences, I returned to the inner city I grew up in (specifically the alternative school I went to as a kid that I was thrown out of 15 years earlier) to speak in front of the children there; which was more like a day prison than a school. At the end I hugged them and a few cried, and the teachers panicked saying “do you know these kids do you know these kids, You must know them. Why are they crying! What did you do?“ Those kids were considered the worst of the worst. I said “they know love,” and I winked at this scrawny little white kid who reminded me so much of me when I was a student there; and he gave me the most beautiful smile. I knew in that moment that my hard childhood was not a mistake; even if it was all for this one encounter.

-Atreya Thomas


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