We Are Not Deficient

One thing I have learned about the spiritual scene as I come into it over the past year, is that transparency as a human being is extremely rare among even the most prominent teachers; and I have met a few. There is a disconnect, claims that are filled with hyperbole, and a guarded mentality to hide one’s humanity behind the facade of spiritual greatness and subtle competitive arrogance. As you navigate this path of spiritual teachings, ask yourself does this teacher provide a healthy admixture of the relative when speaking of the “beyond?” Do they show the intimate relationship between our humanity and spiritual truth and seek to bridge that gap? Or do they make you feel deficient, wrong for who you are, incomplete, and a work in progress that you never seem to reach? The highest spirituality will be experienced through our humanity and nowhere else. So never forget to celebrate that and find it in the “little things.” By actually embodying our humanity fully with all its so called deficiencies, we are offering it to Grace. This makes a complete human being; not our effort to rearrange our self, but ironically the ability to accept our self.

-Atreya Thomas


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