About Atreya

Atreya Thomas, author of Revealing the Absolute, Awakening into a Complete Human Being; and Revealing the Christ, is an extra-ordinary teacher who grew up in the inner cities of New Jersey; and writes as he speaks. Having cut his own path from outside any particular “school,” he speaks from experience and free of dogma, and the results are fresh and enlivening. His own life combines the duties of householder, devotee, and teacher in a lifestyle that focuses on being awake in the midst of ordinary life.

Atreya Thomas is a father of five children whom were all adopted through foster care. He continues to foster drug exposed newborns with his wife in California and works closely with underprivileged communities. Atreya holds Satsangs where invited, works as a preschool teacher, studied Shaolin Qigong for 20 years, and holds a degree in Psychology.




14 thoughts on “About Atreya

  1. You have had a profound experience and have articulated it so well and shared it so generously. Thank you. I wonder if after we have done some seeking, we need to stop and be found. Living in beloved foundness would be very restful. Love and Blessings to you all, and thank you Atreya for liking our blog.

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  2. Thank you for your journey and your words. It sounds like you have surrendered to Love and have accepted its chosen weapon, peace. May others (including myself) be similarly inspired to stop the internal dialogue (endlessly telling the story of “I”) and follow the dictates of Love, from then on demonstrating a childlike faith and energy.

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  3. Thank you for sharing this moving story. Krishnamurti has a very difficult Kundilini raising. I have shared mine on my site. A friend, who has become a wonderful Spiritual Teacher, had a terrifying experience, all alone, in India. A family took her in until she came right as she was completely unable to function. In India it is recognised as something that can happen to people – the end result is Wisdom/Enlightenment – and it needs allowing – just allowing – until the final “download” so to speak. It only happens to a soul once. But in the west, it largely remains unrecognised. It’s clobbered with drugs. Or people try to make it happen on purpose! Thank you for all your writing.

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  4. I have had overwhelming experiences too, and have written them down, but find it hard to share the writings. All my depression and “bad feelings” evaporated after a massive breakdown in my 40s when I had little kids. Congrats for doing it, and for doing it so well.

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  5. It makes a big difference to our lives when we can share our love with others (like your children Anne). Bring on the day for humanity to share the world with love for all humanity (which must include love for the planet’s own nature – not us trying to rape the planet for riches and luxuries). We must share the planet’s resources and live within its provisions. (Will we bring on love or more destruction?).


  6. Thank you Atreya…..it has not been an easy path just to get back to the real you…..I thank you for letting me be a part of your journey….what you share has great value….it touches me at my core – always…not just your story, but all the other writings as well….Thanks again, Angel hugs, Barbara xxxxx Bless you

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  7. Atreya, thank you. I am so deeply moved by your story and awakening from it** I have a wife and young child and have wondered if true awakening is possible in my life – oh, and I teach 3-4 year-olds right now(!) I bring the peace and love of God with me as much as I can into everything I can. But I also get frustrated and judge and I am still in the ego’s game. I want so much to be drawn out and into a peace that will not pass. I feel like being close to you for some time, in some way. Today I am in mostly silence, thanks to you. I see the healing ❤
    Thank you and bless you forever*


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