Do Not Ever Forget This

If your nervous system and stress levels are dialed up to a nine you’re going to have thoughts that correspond to that level. Doesn’t make them true, it makes them paranoid. Don’t believe them my friends, be rational and let them go. Manage your stress not your thoughts.

-Atreya Thomas


The Scales of Life

Overwhelmed? Don’t try and remove things from your life. Instead, expand your emotional, psychological and spiritual space by increasing your capacity to hold more weight. Balance your life by resting as the fulcrum of positive and negative thoughts without adhering to either. Remain silent and you will begin to see that balance comes as a natural outcome of surrendering the impulse to manipulate the scales of life.

-Atreya Thomas

Stop Having A Relationship With Your Trauma

Do not impose your human experience on your relationship with divinity. In other words, we experience trauma, mistrust, people deceive us as children and adults etc because our humanity is not perfect. So we naturally learn to become guarded; perhaps rightfully so. The problem is we impose those experiences on our relationship with the Universe which is perfect. So our faith, trust, and surrender to the one thing that will never deceive us becomes jeopardized. Today we stop this my friends.

-Atreya Thomas

We Just Want Our Mother

The truth is we just want the certainty and security that we naturally strive for as a child. Ripped from the womb at birth and then placed in a cold world, we just want our mother. As we grow we can not be shielded from the eventual loss of this security and must leave the nest of certainty and comfort. This pain is inevitable and acts as a catalyst for a metamorphosis in our mind, body and soul. Painful indeed.

-Atreya Thomas

Have Your Bags Packed

Being free from fear, anger, sadness, depression etc., doesn’t mean the absence of these things. If you try to be directly free of these conditions then you set yourself up to be a partial human being. Freedom means a direct realization of ones eternal nature that exists in spite of these transient aspects of life. Therefore, have your bags packed each day and be ready to die to every aspect of your ambition. Including spiritual ambition. If you keep waking up well then do your duty as it presents naturally, and be grateful if you get the early release program.

-Atreya Thomas

Stop Bottle Feeding Your Feelings

The key practice when experiencing fear, depression, anxiety, and these other debilitating states; is to accept that they are present but never pledge your allegiance to them. Keep a small room in your heart for them and do not turn them into an enemy; but do not enable them by giving them your attention which only energizes them. Anyone who has lived with an alcoholic or an addict will know that feeling of enabling because you want to love them and see them changed. Fear is fear, depression is depression, anger is anger; you are not going to change them into something else by holding them close like little children.

The best way to handle an addict is to be fair but firm and do not give them the time of day until they seek to change themselves. Until then, you remove yourself from the situation, ask them to leave, or have them escorted out. This does not mean you do not love them, rather you are allowing for true love to exist without enabling a false love based on the desire to change the reality. One’s emotions, feelings, states of mind etc, must be dealt with in the same manner. Acceptance but not enabling under the false pretense that spending time with them is somehow going to change them.

-Atreya Thomas