Why should I awaken?

“What is the point of awakening if we are just going to return to our bodies with the same old problems and ordinary life?”

Perhaps for many, the idea of awakening has always been a subtle desire to escape from the human condition with all its mental and physical discomforts, uncertainties, boredom, ordinariness, and lack of fulfillment and sense of purpose. But can a problem really be understood from a distance, or must we come in direct intimate contact with it in order to understand its nature? There are problems in our humanity and no sensitive person would deny that. Awakening is an awakening to the inherent balancing principle that resides in the human heart. It is this grace alone that is capable of solving all our problems. Therefore, seek That to the exclusion of all other things to obtain the master key.

-Atreya Thomas


Keep the Heart Filled with Infinity

The “how am I going to” is not as important as “from what space am I going to,” and space does not need to be brought in from anywhere. How empty do we keep our heart from the objects of the mind? In other words, can we allow for mind activity to remain in its own reality respectfully without touching it? Therefore, always keeping the heart free, vast and filled with infinity.

-Atreya Thomas

Do Not be a Savior to Your Own Thoughts and Emotions

As we begin our journey on the spiritual path, we confront a host of suppressed emotions, thoughts and feelings. It is vital to uncover them and give them the space to surface and be brought into the light of awareness. Spending time with fear, depression, anxiety etc. helps us understand their nature; but make no mistake it’s not going to change them. At some point we must let them grow up and leave the house of our own heart and begin to break up with our trauma by being firm and saying enough, while letting them be on the simple level of our humanity.

-Atreya Thomas

Truth about Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is like falling in love. If you fall in love with the very source of creation you inadvertently fall in love with all its expressions. Then you don’t have to try and love the diversities of life, your husband and wife, your job, anxieties and fears etc; which is impossible anyway. Rather, your love for the inner self in all things allows for one to bypass all the details of form. Then life is experienced as only love interacting with love.

-Atreya Thomas

Draw the Nectar From the Life Around You

Whatever form life may be taking around you whether internally as thoughts and emotions or externally as sense experience, draw the divine nectar from them by remaining still without grasping. You will begin to see that though on the surface life may appear harsh; within all things is the yolk of eternity that allows for the personal connection with God in spite of the superficial form.

-Atreya Thomas

Give up the Doubt

The entire universe is held in place by a power that we intuit to be real. Surely our life is included in this, and at some point we are going to have to accept this force as sovereign. Give up the doubt my friends and the false thinking that peace and harmony means a pain-free and comfortable existence with no place for the spectrum of our humanity.

-Atreya Thomas