How do I manifest what I want? I have big dreams but it seems impossible to fulfill them no matter how hard I try!

The Final Cause for all things is Abstract Intelligence. In its unconditioned state it remains still and undisturbed. In this state, the smallest intention has an effect like a small pebble being thrown in still water, the ripple spreads out evenly over its surface; easily manifesting a wide reaching effect.

Your intention is not making a splash because the surface of your mind is not still, therefore lost. Imagine throwing your little pebble into the roaring ocean.

First, calm the sea of your mind by turning away from desire to seek experiences in the senses and the fulfillment of thought; drawing all energy to the center. It is the constant grasping into the waters of human consciousness that causes waves and disturbances.

See the irony. One must seek the end of desire first and have an earnest dispassion for all outward things. Only then is one fit to command and manifest outward things with ease.


The end of desire

The end of desire is when one knows their self  in all things, times and places. Then you realize you are all things simultaneously. And who desires something that they already are?

Only after you give up seeking experiences through the body, and chasing after the fulfillment of thoughts in the mind, will you bring together the sum of your energy; which is required to cut all ties to ego.

It is like someone who has a million dollars but has decided to invest a single dollar in a million different ventures. So now they feel they are poor.

Bring all desires back in and invest in just One. The inquiry of “Who am I in spite of thought and body?”

Then you will become a dynamo and explode from the center!