Exclusive Devotion to the Source of All, is the Secret

If you fall in love with the very source of creation you inadvertently fall in love with all its expressions. Then you don’t have to try and love the diversities of life, your husband and wife, your job, anxieties, feelings and fears etc; which you will find is impossible anyway. Rather, your love for the inner self in all things allows for one to bypass all the details of form. Then life is experienced as only love interacting with love, while deeply accepting the fluctuations of our humanity.

-Atreya Thomas


Devotional Love is All That Matters

As awakening deepens and we begin to come back to the front of our body after transcendence, life becomes ordinary again and our personality comes to greet us. At that point, you may see all your old problems, traumas etc; but we also see the Source shining within all things. Perhaps fears come back, anxieties, and old predispositions. This is only right because that’s part of our unique human experience. Don’t waste time and energy trying to deconstruct these things or hide them, but embody these attributes fully and offer all of it to your personal transcendental discovery in loving devotion; then watch Grace do the rest.

-Atreya Thomas

Intense Devotion

Intense devotion does not mean intense about forcing oneself into awakening or beating down the ego relentlessly. Rather, it is an unwavering commitment to nurture and help the Self blossom using the tools of humility, patience, surrender, faith and compassion. Accompanied with a rock solid perseverance to endure the many trials and pains of transformation, while energized by a laser like intention to serve the Supreme Presence in All.
~~Atreya Thomas~~

Find Your Expression

No one wakes up in the morning and says “I’m going to be mediocre today.” Only the fearless become great. Great at what? Great at being yourself and expressing your uniqueness/talents; animated by your devotion to Grace. Stand completely and utterly alone, and you will find your expression which is love pushing through you.

-Atreya Thomas

Question: You talk about God and devotion. Doesn’t this imply duality; devotee and the object of devotion?

This is subtle and difficult to understand. God can be understood through two modes: Abstract and objective. We all start off the same way, which is identified with form (mainly body and mind or the objective aspect). This is easily verified in all children. Therefore, we only know our self as God in the objective form. My life, my body, my thoughts, my opinions, etc.; all tightly packaged in my name. The very nature of form is that it is breaking down; so it feels as if “I” am decaying and we see that death awaits all. This gives birth to the question: Who am I in spite of this “objective me?” If the inquiry is earnest, one gets a glimpse of their abstract nature which reveals the non-transient or eternal aspect of our self as God.
Nevertheless, doubt continues as the strength of one’s experience as That is still weak, though it has been validated through these small glimpses. Further investigation reveals that the “transient me,” is an expression of the Eternal Abstract Intelligence. This “me” or transient aspect of God, then begins to devote itself exclusively to its own eternal aspect. This creates the proper conditions to reunite the lover (objective) with their Beloved (abstract). Which results in the realization that God is both the devotee and the object of devotion.
Therefore, it is by design that God covers itself in ignorance, goes through the pains and trials of form, seeks out a teacher, learns the truth and finds liberation. This is Its chief power, and this cycle happens by the mystery of divine intent.


-Atreya Thomas

It is You on the Cross

If you are set on the revelation of the highest truth, than you must embody your ego and nail it to the cross of your life. It is this mass conglomeration of my demands, dreams, opinions, desires, impulses, and sense of exclusiveness that masquerades as your first name, which corrupts the heart and must be laid bare so one may be filled with that Perfect Love which gives life to all things, times and places; and makes holy even the smallest act or gesture.

-Atreya Thomas