The Time Has Come

Can you honestly say that the Universe really expects you to worry about all these little details in life? Perhaps the real issue here is this false sense of abandonment. Does a child worry about where they will get their next meal and the details of their life? Perhaps, if the parent is neglectful. And no human is perfect. But Grace is perfect and you are surrounded by it at all times, in all things and places. The time is here my friends to drop the doubt, leave the effort behind; and deeply trust like you have never trusted before.

-Atreya Thomas


Your Humanity is not an Obstacle to Divinity

It seems like we must discard our human nature in order to reach our eternal self. This is a misconception. We must first transcend or turn away from our humanity and focus our intent on the inner most self or heart. Once we discover and merge with the source or illuminating principle of the universe, we then come back into our humanity and become a powerhouse for grace. Which makes straight the imbalances of our character, and bends every action towards service as a complete human being.

-Atreya Thomas