Claim Your Eternity or Suffer

Once we validate the existence that “it is I who is eternal,” then nothing perceived through the senses should ever be considered that serious. Then we can be light even in the most stressful situations. At some point we must come out of the shadows and claim our eternity.

-Atreya Thomas


The Cutting Edge

If you wanted to penetrate a wall you can spend many hours smashing away, expending a lot of energy, and creating peripheral damage. Or, you can focus your energy like a laser and pierce it with pinpoint precision and accuracy. In order to acquire the latter technology, the aspirant must be willing to evolve the primal ego (me) that works through force, into the advanced functional ego or “I” that works through power. It is grace alone that advances this process. Therefore, only those who earnestly seek it will remain on the cutting edge.

-Atreya Thomas