Something Greater Than Yourself

Have you ever earnestly asked: what is the cause for all this? There is an “I” that has no clue whatsoever the reason for any of this. Just stop, look, and listen. You will begin to notice there is something present greater than yourself. With intense curiosity gaze into this abyss as its gravity starts to pull you closer. Surrender to it, talk to it, worship it, ask for its favor and prove your commitment to It. By doing so, you are bowing down to the creator of the cosmos and the very source of grace; which becomes you.

-Atreya Thomas


Question: What is the true meaning of faith and how do I have it?

Faith is the extraordinary courage to step away from the known, in order to come in contact with the Unknown; which is God or Love; which becomes you.

This courage comes as a result when an intense aversion for sense experience becomes present in the seeker; and they realize through many trials that what they are seeking can never be found in form. It is from this point of view that one finds them self in a space devoid of all outward seeking; therefore remaining in intense unmanifested stillness and ready to die for It.

Here, Grace strikes; and one must rely solely on the strength of one’s faith or courage to pass through the threshold of the known into the Unknown; which unites the individual with the One.