Question: How does one navigate “conscious” dating and relationships while remaining on the spiritual “path?”

Consciousness in relationship is to be in relationship with the Source within that person, while discarding the details of his or her personality. Everything we want is normally along an exclusive line as we have demands and expectations, repulsions and desires.

Bend your love towards the Lord of All; and it will not be the person you love but the Lord within them. This is perfect relationship without a “me” that by design creates struggles and suffering.

When you sacrifice your personality to the Source of all things, through constant forfeiture; the personality is then under the dictatorship of that intelligence but has no exclusive existence.

If you surrender any vested interest in your life, you won’t have to do anything as the best most perfect intelligence will do everything for you. That’s the leap: Knowing you are taken care of in the absence of the “me.” Therefore, offering yourself as a living sacrifice to That.

Then it is only That having a relationship with That.


Question: I saw your interview. How is a possible to have all the responsibilities of having a family and being a boss and parent etc., and having the obvious awareness you do? It is both inspiring and unbelievable! I to live that life and want awakening. Any advice?

We primarily derive our happiness from outer sense experience and spend much time chasing it, preserving it, and pushing away what is deemed undesirable. This is why it seems so difficult to awaken while there is so much activity going on. It is because we are caught in this web of building up, protecting, preserving me: My job, my opinions, my way of doing things, my respect, my security, etc. That is where our energy is going. Preservation is our primary experience.

Awakening is to come in contact with the revelation of: Who am I in spite of all this mind/body activity? This does not mean interfering with the actions that are easily done. You do the laundry and it does not require thought. Often though, it is “why do I have to pick up after everyone, why don’t they help, no one appreciates me, I do not feel like cooking, cleaning etc.” This is why it seems impossible because you are resisting the mechanical aspect of life.

The physical world is made up of patterns and naturally wants to create a routine. It also breaks down and creates new patterns. All that outward phenomenon is quite mechanical and requires very little thought. When learning something new like a language or a new task on the job; this requires a bit of concentration but not that personal “me” that rejects/accepts, and creates conflict and strife.

Once routine patterns are established, they have their own momentum and require little to no thought; and a householder life is filled with routine patterns. Let your thoughts then be based in inquiry: Who am I in spite of all this activity? Seek the Source internally while allowing the physical to go on unobstructed. The stillness of that impending question,  will let you meet challenging situations with the clearest optimal energy.

Slowly, your primary experience will be an internal devotion, while all that responsibility becomes your secondary experience and goes on seemingly by itself. The intensity of your devotion to inner seeking, and devotion to allowing the outer to go on unimpeded, will determine pace.