The Flickering Flame Within

To reject any form completely is to reject the Source of All within that form inadvertently. Therefore, never hate, strive to forgive; and always reach for the flickering flame of Love within all things.

-Atreya Thomas


Do Not Discard Your Humanity in the Search for Spirituality

Do you go for a walk and doubt if the ground will hold you? Logic and reason tells you that you’re safe and it’s trustable because it is tangible. If you abandon your humanity then you abandon the faculty of reason. If you make God too abstract, reason and logic cannot verify it and doubt and fear will always creep in.

It is logical, and reasonable to conclude that we can trust the balance of nature as the will and chief power of a Unifying Force; which is not abstract but tangible and verified through observation. This balance allows for the conviction and trust that life is perfectly balanced, in spite of all the seemingly imperfections and is held together by a trustworthy impeccable force, which includes the details of your life: past, present and future.
-Atreya Thomas