Vulnerability is Enough

One of the greatest things we can do is be unconditionally kind and genuinely vulnerable to all we come in contact with in spite of our fear/resistance. I have personally seen these tiny unconditional gestures change the course of someone’s entire life. It is not the others personality we are being vulnerable to; sometimes we need to be stern with that. Rather, seeing past the thin shell of the outer details and trusting the yolk of eternity within all people and things. We then inadvertently reflect that back to them, successfully evolving our self in another.

-Atreya Thomas


Stillness is Humility

Watch what happens when life gets tough. There is an intense impulse to coerce, manipulate and bend the will of Life by force. Fight this impulse and instead use the power of silence, which acts with the entire weight of the universe to bring balance to any situation.

-Atreya Thomas


Humility is to allow the “me” that finds its identity in I am a body and mind, to be humiliated without any movement to preserve it. This super structure that goes by your first name is offered as a sacrifice each and every moment; with all its demands, opinions, particularities, egocentricity, desires, entitlements, and sense of “I matter.” Humility is the corner stone of any earnest spiritual practice; coupled with surrender to “thy will.” It is only when we are emptied of an exclusive-self that one becomes ripe for the flowering of awakening. Humility is not seeking anything out in the future or the past. Rather allowing the living moment to martyr you, and the weight of eternity to crush the vision that you seek to impose on the world.

-Atreya Thomas