Question: Atreya, What is the truth about karma and can I be free from it?

It is not about rearranging or changing mind/body conditions in order to get rid of karma. Rather it is more about discovering the Unchanging Self in the midst of all circumstance. Which brings the realization that you have no absolute connection to any type of karma.

When we think of karma we think about the quality of our experiences. These experiences are always associated with the mind and body. In body: I experience comfort, pleasure, fulfillment of desires, equilibrium, and spiritual accolades. In mind, I perceive nice, creative, encouraging and supportive thoughts. We call this good karma.

When the body experiences discomfort, illness, misfortune, or the mind is frustrated in its fulfillment of desires and bombarded with unwanted thoughts, we call this bad karma.
So karma becomes a very big deal because our whole identity and happiness is based on sustaining specific body conditions and the exclusive content in the mind. Together these two form “who I am.”

As long as the “exclusive me” is our primary experience, we will continue to invest in and give continuity to it. In turn, the concept of karma will continue as to define and symbolize our experience of masquerading as a mind/body, and to give a framework for the rollercoaster effects of the compulsion to preserve “this” and avoid “that;” as well as the strife to experience pleasure while avoiding pain.