Question: I feel this intense energy when I meditate and freedom. Yet, I struggle with integrating that in everyday life and relationships. Do you have any practices I can do?

Here is a practice good for any aspirant:

Establish the freedom to look. Go somewhere that there is a lot of people. Like the mall on a weekend. Find a place to sit that positions you where there is much foot traffic. Sit there as if you are prepared to meditate.

As people come into your orbit, just look; do not grasp. Remain still and practice your meditation in this setting. People will naturally look at you and make eye contact with people walking by while remaining in unmanifested awareness or empty stillness.

With the utmost vulnerability, just look without reacting and allow others to look into the depths of your heart and mind. You must begin to willingly reveal yourself in all situations.

As you begin here is a mantra:

“contact not concepts”


Question: What is the method you suggest to achieve the highest truth?

Devotion is the prerequisite and stillness is the method. Through that stillness one brings the sum of their energy to call down grace which removes the veil.

This stillness can be described as a deliberate use of will to surrender the will. From here, all one’s energy that was fragmented and distributed into characteristics of the me, sense based seeking, self-maintenance, etc.; reassembles in the heart and explodes from the center.

How is one to do that?

What do you want? Is the secret of death what you really want? Or do you want That but at the same time some of your energy is still attached to the preservation of some aspect of “my life?”

Therefore, a very rare type of devotion is required for what you ask. Sit in a quiet place and ask yourself and decide: What is the ONE thing I am willing to give up all other things for? This question will help you see where your devotion already lies.

You need the total sum of all the energy not 99.99%. It requires the whole thing to bring down the grace that is required to pierce the veil.

Question: Can you give me any techniques or methods that can help me achieve enlightenment?

First, enlightenment cannot be achieved because it is the natural state which is present even now. Rather, it can be revealed if the obstructions are removed. Like someone pulling up the blind and realizing the light and warmth of the sun was always there. You do not achieve sunlight, you simply pull away the curtain. What is required is the devotion and intensity to have the obstructions removed.

There are numerous methods that can be employed; all of which are aimed at quieting the mind and strengthening the nervous system.  Upon experimenting with these methods you will see that the mind once again starts back up and seems to “grow a new head.”

The methods and techniques do not completely remove the obstruction or the exclusive sense of “I,” whose material is made up of individual thought patterns that create a seemingly separate-self or sense of individuality; because techniques do not reveal the Source of techniques.

As a general practice one should make the effort to sit still and remain as an observer of the stimulus coming in through the senses and observe thoughts while asking oneself constantly, “who am I in spite of the these thoughts and body sensations?” This is the method of inquiry into the Source or Final Cause for the method and inquirer.

As you go deeper, techniques will be presented as a revelation and they will become a natural organic expression and will be custom tailored for that specific body and mind.