Question: Atreya. What is the true meaning of the mind body connection; and where does God fit into all of this? Thanks.

Here is the situation: You have a mind and a body. Everything you experience pain, pleasure, anger, fear, anxiety, etc.; is an experience in the body. These experiences leave an impression which creates thoughts or memories in the mind-we categorize them generally as good and bad; and the mind creates words to describe the experience (I am experiencing pleasure, pain, fear, anxiety etc.).

Who has a mind and a body? “I do.” Who am I? I am the experiencer of the mind and body, the observer, the watcher, the witness. If you actually and not just conceptually “be” yourself in spite of body and thought, then the seeking is finally over. There is no more desire to have certain experiences through the body, or avoid certain experiences. Thoughts become objects and are treated as such. No longer are we caught in the trap of happiness, enlightenment, peace, love, God, etc., must “feel” or be experienced in a certain way. You no longer mind what happens whether painful or pleasurable becuase your true self has no real connection to the phenomenon associated with mind and body; as the devotee is always experiencing a separate reality that is eternal, consistent and unaffected by mind and body fluctuations.

When this illusion that “I am the body and mind” drops away, the state that comes into being can be called God. Be mindful that this state is not something that was not there and suddenly appears. Rather, it was always there as your natural state but revealed once the mind-body identification ceases.