The Idea of “No-Self” and “There is no doer” Explained

It has been emphasized here that first and foremost one must reach for the Source to the exclusion of all other things, which brings down the grace that unites the individual with the One. This Source of All permeates and is the cause for everything including your former personality. So one inherits all that back when they complete the cycle and come back to their humanity after their transcendent awakening.

What happens is that your unique personality shines even brighter and is used to serve the good of all but is now under the complete sovereignty of grace itself. This is what is meant by “no-self.” There is no longer an exclusive self that acts from an egocentric center. Yet, there is a self that is now made in the image of the divine and remains as all things simultaneously yet nothing exclusively.

All the qualities of personality remain latent and only arise spontaneously and in congruence with bringing homeostasis to any situation it finds itself in. This is what is meant by “there is no doer.” There is no doer acting from egocentricity, just the divine will being done through the vehicle of personality.

So from the outside one may seem very normal; but on the inside they are just an empty vessel perpetually being filled with and moved by grace.

-Atreya Thomas