How can you teach non-duality using words? This seems hypocritical and dualistic.

It is only through direct non-conceptual contact with Reality thatĀ later on allows the teacher to use thought-forms (words), as to conduct them self in the world of form. This must be, because the teacher must speak the language of form to a seeker; as the seeker is still seeking in form.

Just as fire, heat and light are all spoken of as separate for practical purposes, but in the absence of description they are all One. The teacher remains practical in order to push the seeker into the impractical.



Since forms are so diverse why do teachers say that “all is one?” Are we all the same?

The inner glow is the same regardless of the form covering it. That glow is the One Source in all and is constant.

Imagine a power strip with a TV, radio, microwave, refrigerator, and lap top plugged into it. These forms have very different functions and appear totally unrelated. What is the most vital and “one” common factor? The electricity. Without the power source each form is useless. Therefore, this Source is the only thing that is Real because the forms are dependent on it; yet the Source is not dependent on the forms-without the Source the forms are useless.
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