What you teach is not practical for most. I too am a spiritual teacher. Honestly, most people just need a hug and have their feelings validated. Although personally, your writings have helped me grow so much. You are more like a teacher for teachers. What do you think about that?

You are correct. Many of these writings are tailored towards the seeker who is ripe for the loneliest and most intense path. It is in complete internal aloneness that one comes in contact with the grace that annihilates the conceptual self that masquerades as your first name. These are the ones who become teachers by default, just as a light illuminates the things around it by its very existence. Not because it intends to become a light, but because that is its nature. Therefore, shines forth without effort and is self illuminating.

This teaching is described as “a prayer for death.” There must be a death of the preconceived, a death of the accumulation of all one knows. Which then allows for the full spectrum of potential action without ideas of right and wrong, should and should not, oneness or separation. It is only in this state that a teacher is poised to deliver a custom tailored response to the Living Moment, and meets It as Such.

When teachers talk about just being, or having complete allowance etc., that is directed towards a specific person on a specific part in their specific journey. This may not be the appropriate response for other spiritual seekers. Or appropriate for a homeless person who looks you in the eyes with sheer desperation and asks for something to eat. Or a wife who finds out that she has cancer. At the same time, such a response can not be ruled out either.

When there is no center where thoughts gather to form a persona, then one is allowed access to whatever the moment demands spontaneously and without effort. Sometimes it’s a hug, a sandwich, silence, a stern warning, an intense gaze, a casual conversation, a punch in the face, a gentle rub on the back, an intense conversation, just listening, or getting together and playing some hand-drums. That is the beauty of Life: That nothing is outside of It.

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Question: Clearly, by your writing you have achieved the highest state. How do you deal with all the troubles of having a family? I read in your bio page; it says you have adopted children (with behavior issues) and a wife! How is it possible to do what you do in the midst of all that?

It is not “how” to deal with the situations, problems, etc. that arise. Rather, from what space will you meet them?

If you focus on the “how,” you are committing only thought to the moment; and the mind makes its decisions based on the body’s response to a situation (emotions), which will be a limited one.

Awareness is whole, and permeates every aspect of everything, situation, person, etc. Its presence is not dependent on outward conditions. It is the mind that compartmentalizes life, therefore tries to meet life partially; which always yields an incomplete response.

The truth is: There in no way to stay fixed in Awareness other than knowing that you are Awareness! There is no “I” and Awareness. You are That. The great mistake happens when Awareness identifies with thoughts and body sensations.

Success in any situation will be based on the strength of experience in actually knowing: Who am I in spite of thought and body? Who am I in spite of thoughts of disrespect; in spite of a body surging with adrenaline?

Your whole life whether you live in a cave or with five kids, will be met partially or completely. Which will be decided on the strength of your own inquiry and intensity of devotion to break down the mechanism that creates seemingly diverse situations-the exclusive “I”; that derives its individuality from identification with  the mind and body.