Question: So many times I have heard teachers say that pleasure is not happiness. How could this be? I am very happy when experiencing pleasure! What do you think Atreya?

Happiness is your true nature; as your true-self is unchanging and unaffected by sense phenomenon, hence always in a state of bliss. When the mind goes out through the senses it experiences objects through taste, touch, etc. When we experience pleasure, we are actually experiencing the bliss of the true-self. When a person becomes fulfilled, the mind becomes quiet for that moment. It is this stillness in thought that allows for the mind to retract and return to its source. Therefore, it is not the object at all that is the cause for happiness, but rather the quietness of mind that comes with fulfillment.

So the great illusion is this: that the object of pleasure is the cause for happiness. In reality, it is the cessation of thought in the moment of fulfillment that allows us to experience happiness, bliss, love.

A little more investigation into the matter will reveal that the nature of all true spiritual teachings is to break the illusion of happiness through objects-conceptual (thought) and physical (body senses). Thus, placing the seeker back on the natural organic throne of eternal bliss!