The Purpose of Spiritual Practice

All practices are only meant to validate the existence of one’s true nature or God. Once a glimpse is made, one need only then surrender one’s life on the strength of this experience. This is why we must seek: to validate. Some get a glimpse and that is enough for surrender. Some need constant reassurance even though they have had this glimpse. Therefore, keep seeking until all your doubts are cleared.

-Atreya Thomas


“What is something I can practice right now, today?”

Drop the “why” in your life and the incessant desire to extract meaning out of everything. Just for a day treat everything as preordained no matter how uncomfortable, and stop feeding the impulse to formulate and construct answers for your perceived problems. Let’s practice starving this intense urge to involve our self so personally in the mind/body phenomenon of our lives.

-Atreya Thomas

Spiritual Practices

The aim of all practices is to validate the existence of ones eternal nature. After catching such a glimpse, one should drop the practice and fall flat on their face in loving devotion and completely surrender to the Inner God which was discovered through direct experience. It is this complete surrender that closes the gap and finally merges the lover and the beloved forever.

-Atreya Thomas