Some teachers are lustful, others irritable. Some seem arrogant, while others are combative. Still others are sunk in devotion, some keep and uphold sacred scripture, while others seem to live a perfectly normal life. There is even a story of an ancient yogi whose grace increased every time he cursed someone.

This is due to the fact that awakening happens on many different levels.

All these teachers have tapped into the inner oracle of divine wisdom. This inner oracle is not dependent on outward conditions or personal predispositions; and once discovered is never lost in spite of personal “karma.” So the Yogi does not feel the need to get rid of these things; as they know themselves in spite of mind/body; so any effort seems pointless; as there is no fear of themselves anymore, therefore no motivation to change anything.

Nevertheless, the very best awaken emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, physically, and intellectually. They demand of themselves to be on the cutting edge of evolution at all times, which requires awakening on all levels. This desire for perfection is due to a personal predisposition that will not be burned up easily, as they are resolved on serving the Lord Supreme in every act, gesture, word, and breath; while completely embodying their human nature.

Human life is becoming increasingly more dynamic where it is required to awaken on all levels; as people are waking up in families, positions of power, and within deep interwoven relationships.


I really want to be a spiritual teacher. I just do not have the words like you do. What do you suggest?

The truth is everybody is a teacher. Your inner environment is constantly being projected outward and without a doubt, people feel that both consciously and unconsciously. The best teacher merely acts as a keyhole to view eternity through, as they have forfeited any allegiance to an exclusive me. This gives the student a glimpse of their true nature, which then ignites a fire within them to seek that out in themselves as a permanent condition.

Therefore, it is not the words that create a teacher, but rather the concept-free space which they permanently reside in that reveals the Absolute for any seeker who is willing to look with an open mind and heart.

My suggestion is to loosen your grip on mind activity (which includes trying to “be something”), and let them go on without interfering or concern. Emptiness is not getting rid of anything. Let body business be body business, and mind business be mind business. Therefore, not your business. Allow all states to go on by the force of their own nature.
Then, one sinks into the Underlying Intelligence that is always on time, has the right words, and brings balance spontaneously to all situations.

I am unhappy and disillusioned by some of these spiritual teachers, even been tricked by some of these “empowerment teachers.” Awareness helps but I feel frustrated because they all say, “practice presence, be the awareness.” I have been doing that but it still feels like a struggle. Why? You seem to speak beyond that; but you are hard to understand.

There are a couple different avenues one may take when they discover awareness. One may become a teacher at helping others get to that space of awareness. The sole purport being rest, relax into your awareness and stop seeking, you already are what you seek, accept all feelings, you’re perfect, be the container not the contained, etc. An important part of the path but not the Final Truth. That is as far as the teacher can take the student because that is as far as they have gone themselves. Why? They are just grateful they do not feel as bad as they used to and that is enough. I can never be a Maharshi, a Jesus, or a Buddha they tell themselves.

A good life one can lead, but duality has not been transcended as there is still separation between awareness and the object of awareness; the observer and the observed. (Note: When this nondual reality is experienced, the relationship between observer and observed continues for practical purposes of life, but there is a complete annihilation of an exclusive me which experiences it. The T.V. is on and the story plays out un-interrupted, but no one is watching).
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