“How do I know if a teaching is authentic?”

Does the teaching meet you where you are? Does it come right out in the middle of the water and nearly drown to be with you, revealing its own vulnerability? Or does it yell from the other shore saying “this way, look at me, there’s no problems over here. All is good,” looking all sedated while you are gasping for air. If the teaching is truly from the other shore it knows how to navigate the waters, and will step back out risking life and limb.

-Atreya Thomas



A Teacher’s Purpose

A teacher’s purpose is to draw the nectar from the cosmos and give it to those who are thirsty. This small taste of eternity then inspires the devotee to dig their own well.

-Atreya Thomas

I feel pulled to teach others but get overwhelmed. Advise?

Decide whether you are a healer or a teacher. A teacher has very good catch phrases, and is very well learned and experienced in ancient studies, approaches and practices, and takes the time to learn these. Some will admit themselves that at the end of the day, they would like to “talk about something else,” as teaching is compartmentalized. This is a very practical approach and many need this style.

The healer has been to the darkest parts of human consciousness and have the scars to show it. They are wrestlers and learn to bring light to dark forces through blood, sweat and tears. They acquire spiritual accolades at the place where the dark meets the light, and find themselves upon the inner cross. They carry a sword in one hand and a flame in the other. As they cut through and burn down thousands of years of conditioning against all odds.

These are not mutually exclusive but nevertheless, you know your path.

-Atreya Thomas