Question: Do we have any control over our experiences or are we watching a divine script?

Consider a parent and a child: The parent gives the feeling to the child that they have many choices, but in actuality every choice was created by the parent who is in complete control. The child is under the illusion of free will, in that there appears to be many independent choices. Nevertheless, each option was already decided for him and is only meant for their growth-some harsh and some soft. Some to teach the individual and some to teach the whole of mankind-some to allow pain some to allow pleasure. The individual chooses their path according to their own temperament and predispositions.

In the end, every choice leads to the dissolution of the “me” or ego, and acts as a catalyst to reveal The One Observer of Phenomenon; either through pain that leads to surrender, or self-knowledge that leads to an “aha.” Hence, breaking down the sense of individuality or “me;” and re-emerging as the identity of the One Eternal Cause that abides in all things, times and places.

The script is Reality, which there is only One. The pace which all doubts are satisfied and the illusion of diversity is removed; is determined by the intensity which one turns inward.



Question: I am really struggling with the idea when teachers say “there is no doer.” It does not make sense to me. I am always making efforts in my life! Can you help?

Most are experiencing mind/body phenomenon as their primary experience. We have occasional flashes of unmodified consciousness in between thoughts and body sensations. These flashes are secondary experiences and are normally overlooked.

If we live primarily in the waking state (body) and the dream state (mind), then every experience feels personal, we have a vested interest in outcomes, and there is a strong compulsion to preserve. Life feels like an effort.

When the exclusive me dies into the ground or Final Cause, the diverse mind/body experiences become secondary and unmodified consciousness becomes the primary experience. Action goes on in the waking and dream state with unnoticeable effort. For example, when you drive home from work you do not think about “make a left, stop, go, etc.” You may be thinking about something totally unrelated. Yet, you arrive at home.

When a teacher talks about there is no doer, they are referring to an aspirant who has completely lost any sense of identity as their primary condition. Their primary experience is a very different experience internally while allowing outer action to go on uninterrupted as a mechanical phenomenon (mainly ego and body) as a secondary experience.

This allows for complete integration because when the mind is permanently sunk into the unmodified state, it allows for all diversities to go on unimpeded because the unconditioned state is never modified by mind/body conditions. Like the images in the mirror not effecting the mirror itself; yet they are inseparable. Therefore, mind/body phenomenon is not an obstacle to uninvolved effortless bliss.

I have studied so many wonderful teachers. Nevertheless, I still sense this duality between the awareness and the observed. You seem to have experienced something beyond that. How? I still feel very much like the doer. Should I change my environment to get away from these last shreds of ego?

Inquiry always has the flavor of who am I in spite of form? This creates dispassion for worldly things (mainly happiness through sense experiences and greater thoughts). Here, the seeker begins to empty themselves of the components of the conceptual-self. Eventually, making enough room for the  grace that strikes hard or light according to ones predispositions. The result is the birth of the non-conceptual-self or permanent sense of witness and awareness that now has an identity outside of phenomenon. The seeker is profoundly changed and has stepped on a road for which they can never turn back.

This is meditation with the eyes closed. This is often confused for the highest state as the observer now feels as if they float above ego and body; and in some respects they do. This is the stage that many refer to famously as the end of seeking. Or some teach there is no ego at all. They may become great teachers and point others to the same realizations they may have had. Nevertheless, the Final Cause has not yet been revealed as there is still duality between the observer and that which it observes. So the seeker still periodically finds themselves swinging on the pendulum of predispositions or latent tendencies. Doubt still arises as to the nature and relationship of the unknown to the known.

Only the few go any further and the prerequisite is an unfathomable devotion towards and love for The One Final Cause or Supreme Resident that is intuited but remains elusive. The seeker continues their intensity now in the form of intense devotion. There is nothing that they would not give up in order to be embraced by Death (Secret Beloved and cause for all) while alive. This is meditation with the eyes open. Now the seeker prepares themselves and longs to unite with their True Love. This Beloved Supreme Cause chooses the devotee because the devotee has chosen It. When the final embrace is experienced, even the sense of “I” vanishes. Here, even the observer is lost and the whole entity is lit ablaze, and becomes That.

Then after recapitulating the union with the Unknown, all doubts are cleared as to the relationship between the known and the unknown. The mind is absorbed into Abstract Intelligence which remains undisturbed until the living moment requires action; which is taken spontaneously by that Intelligence or Final Cause. This Final Cause includes the sum of all things known and unknown. As well as the sum of the egos which includes your former identity.

Therefore, any environmental situation can still be lived because the Final Cause uses whatever it needs to harmonize with the living moment. This destroys a sense of exclusive doer yet the former character lives on as a tool dictated by that Supreme Intelligence when they are congruent. Hence, outer normal life goes on.

I feel like I am always forced to act in this life. People, job etc. are constantly pulling me in. It’s annoying and I feel I cannot practice turning inward. Can you clear this up for me? Thanks.

As long as you are embodied; action is always taking place even if you think you are doing nothing. The very nature of form is that it is in a constant state of flux-cells and elements both being broken down and reformed simultaneously.

Action cannot be avoided, hence your resistance to Reality creates annoyance. On the other hand, when action is pursued in order to achieve an exclusive sense experience; this leads to the formation of an exclusive “me” which then excludes that which is deemed “not me.” This gives birth to the play of opposites or the duality that creates conflict, strife, protecting mine and resisting what falls outside that bubble.

Therefore, with great perseverance treat all that comes to you as preordained and do not seek an exclusive result from action. Rather, do all action with an intense sense of sacrifice by strengthening your faith that the One Final Cause or Lord is present in all things, times and places; and let every action be a sacrifice to That. Here, you are turning inward in the midst of outer conditions. Then the “exclusive me” will dissolve into action without resistance; and That will become you.

Question: Can I really surrender to the point where there is no sense of a “doer?” That seems impossible, I have to feed my self! I have been told that this is the highest state though. What do you think Atreya? Thanks.

As an adult, the mind has already acquired the information that it needs to take care of itself. This information is used spontaneously in the moment when needed. For example, you drive to work each day without really thinking “make a left here, stop there, go this way three miles and hang a right.” You may drive to work thinking something totally different or nothing at all. Yet, you arrive at your destination safely. The whole of life is like this. Even learning new information can feel this way if one learns to truly listen with a quiet mind.

Consider the breath: If you focus on it exclusively you feel like there must be an effort made to breathe, and there is a sense of “doer”. You can manipulate it, stop it etc. But if you move your attention away from exclusiveness, the body breathes all by itself.

Will you have to feed yourself?

Is there a “you” in the absence of a thinker that is going to “feed yourself?” Or, is there just Appropriate Spontaneous Action that seems to arise automatically in the moment, and seems to always be on time as if thought and body are one?

That is why “surrender” in its highest definition implies a death. The death of the “me.” The controller; the doer.

With great intensity and perseverance, test the validity of this for yourself.

In Love,

Atreya Thomas