“Is our personality an illusion?”

The beauty of a rainbow is its diversity of colors, yet together they are all pure light. Likewise when pure awareness passes through the prism of humanity it creates the beauty of your unique personality. Yet, in essence it is only the One White Light. After a direct experience of this light, unity of all forms is an experiential fact; so any sense of an exclusive uniqueness that “stands alone” apart from it is an illusion, even personality. A seeker who actually has had this experience as the light, then experientialy knows themselves as the sum of the colors as well.; and so can incarnate as they see fit.

-Atreya Thomas


The Glow of the Spirit

Life is like a vast garden with fruit, flowers and trees as far as the eye can see. People spend their whole lives picking through this garden and analyzing, rearranging trauma, and trying to discover something absolute among the transient. But all this diversity has one thing in common and that is the rich soil or ground from which it all springs. Therefore, forget about the details of your life and fall deeply in love with the source of life. Then you will come to know God in all things and you won’t have to pick through the endless expressions of life trying to find the best tasting fruit or the most beautiful flower. Instead, you will come to see the glow of the Spirit within all so called imperfections, which discards the impulse to change anything.

-Atreya Thomas