Revealing the Absolute

Excerpt From Revealing the Absolute: Where seeking ends and learning begins

I have tried to reject the ego and it only makes me into an ego hater. Which becomes an obvious problem.

When a person is devoted to the source of all things then there is no problem because all things are included within it, the ego as well. Nothing is rejected nothing is accepted. So we live unaffected by form yet completely integrated because we are devoted to the source of all form. This purifies the ego because it includes it.

Does meditation help, what is meditation?

The Truth or the Unchanging Observer is always here. It cannot be removed because It is the source of all that exists. Meditation is the process which It is revealed.

What is that process?

It begins with asking the right questions often forced by a crisis but not always. Then, accompanied by an unwavering devotion to find out and see the question through. Which eventually leads to Truth’s revelation.

Sounds like devotion is the cause for meditation.

Devotion is not something that you “must have” or find first. Everyone has intense devotion; it is just normally going outward into many intentions and so appears to become diminished or fragmented.

So I do not have to give up my life-renounce my family, give all away, move into the forest by myself? (Laughs).

Anyone can give up outer objects through force of will. But to give up the inner objects (the conceptual self) is the real meaning of being alone. One need not change the outer to do this. In fact, changing the outer is actually adding to ego rather than subtracting.

What are the right questions?

The beginning point is different for everybody. But the question is always directed towards one self, and having the flavor of searching for One’s Own Existence in spite of body and thought. The strength of which one is wholeheartedly committed to see it to the end, through and through, determines pace.